Confermata la data duscita di serious sam 3 bfe

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confermata la data duscita di serious sam 3 bfe

You can use this widget-maker to generate a bit of HTML that can be embedded in your website to easily allow customers to purchase this game on Steam. There is more than one way to buy this game. Please select a specific package to create a widget for:. Sign in. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Your Store. Browse Browse. Community Hub. Serious Sam 4 reignites the classic FPS series in a high-powered prequel loaded with an explosive arsenal, intergalactic carnage, and perfectly timed one-liners.

All Reviews:. Devolver Digital. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Publisher: Devolver Digital. Franchise: Serious SamCroteam. Share Embed. Add to Cart. Croteam returns with a high-powered prequel to the Serious Sam series that scales up chaos to unprecedented levels.La nuova patch risolve molteplici bug e problemi riscontrati in questi mesi dalla community di gioco.

Fixed a number of issues mainly related to HUD and menus when using stereoscopic 3D rendering. The game should now look good in stereo 3D. Voice chat now uses internal protocol with Speex compression. This lowers the bandwidth requirements for the voice traffic and makes voice transfer less bursty. Different screen layout configurations can now be chosen when playing in split-screen.

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Reworked a number of models by adding some more LODs for them, optimizing their geometry, fixing some errors etc. This should improve performance and used memory somewhat. Created some more swimming animations for player character. Fixed crash that occurred when kicking a Soldier enemy with multithreaded rendering enabled. Sniper zoom now works correctly regardless of aspect ratio.

When generating crumbs, normals and tangents are not created if source model's shaders don't need them. Fixed some crashes related to text rendering when multithreaded rendering is used. Default is disabled since it boost performance noticabely, while quality remains almost the same since morphs are used only for small model deformations and speaking. Fixed unresponsive safe area sliders in gfx options when adjusting window size. Refactored implementation of font outline rendering to use a several times lower number of rendering calls.

Manual command for toggling 3rd person view overwrites the cvar linked to menu widget, but this is temporary i. Sniper no longer shows crosshair in versus games. For performance testing purposes mostly. Optimized in-game memory size of some model animations.

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass - Nika Dvoravic Interview

Fixed a possible crash occurring if player disconnects or dies while using Mutilator to get pulled by a Werebull. Fixed an issue causing rocket launcher to appear unloaded missing rocket attachment if weapon is brought up immediately such as when starting game at chapter with rocket launcher already equipped. Now they use less CPU. Removed redundant changes of active texture unit in OpenGL. Fixed issues with wrong filtering of some textures in some cases.

Reduced cases where rendering buffers get reallocated, e. Fixed a rare crash happening when player disconnects while some enemy is having him as foe and doing obstacle avoidance. Fixed an issue where picking up a weapon while already having full ammo of its type would not display a message to player to indicate ammo is full.


Fixed wrong trilinear dithering of shadows under OpenGL. Prevented appearing puppets from colliding with existing puppets and falling through floor upon appearing common problem with "DigOut" spiders. Implemented scriptable enemy despawning in case player is doing speed run.

It is used on the last level for now.

confermata la data duscita di serious sam 3 bfe

Fixed an issue allowing player to move while performing spinning attack with sledgehammer. Relaxed cases when puppets force their physics to activate, so enemies standing still on uneven terrain can use less CPU.

Fixed an issue causing Scrapjack's head to remain equipped on third person player model even if melee was interrupted before completion. Optimized performance of flocking algorithms used by enemy in AI. Fixed missing polygons on stairs used on IbnTulun level near mosque. Fixed implementation of "Coin-op Co-op" achievement: player needs to finish all levels to get the achievement and is not required to be playing with other players. Achievement completion checkboxes are now shown for all achievements which must be performed on all levels.

When storing level stats, all available level stats will be stored and all completed levels will be unlocked in profile.It was released on November 22, An Android version is currently in development, though there is no known release date.

In the near future, humanity have bled Earth dry of its resources, and are on the verge of collapse. This discovery leads humans far and wide across the universe. For humanity, this opportunity seemed perfect. Mentalan extraterrestrial overlord, is awakened from dormancy by the humans, and sends out his hostile alien armies to annihilate them.

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This leads to a three-year conquest that has driven humanity almost to the point of extinction. The humans begin to struggle to fend off the alien invaders, so world leaders turn to the Time-Lock as a last resort. In order to so, however, they have to find a way to turn it on. On board, members of team Alpha; Sam StoneRodriguezJones and another soldier are en route to Cairowhich became abandoned during the invasion.

Sam reports that Bravo team were protecting a scientist in the Egyptian Museumbut they lost contact with HQ. Sam says that the guy they're looking for has important information about the Time-Lock. Sam fights through the alien-infested streets and makes it to the museum entrance.

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However, before Sam can rescue him. Sam retrieves Stein's cell phone and uploads the data to headquarters. Later, Sam is called by Garret. Sam kills the cyborg and makes his way towards the crash site. Before Sam can rescue Garret from the chopper's wreckage, a strange creature falls from the sky and takes control of the helicopter. Sam hasn't got enough firepower to deal with this threat, so he is forced into a cat-and-mouse game through the streets until he comes across a rocket launcher.

He uses it to shoot down the pursuing Technopolip and reports this to Quinn. Sam tells her that he has own method in mind that involves blowing up the statue.

After fighting though the ruins, he reaches the Sphinx.Dieci anni fa ed esclusivamente per piattaforme Pc Windows, approdava uno sparattutto a base di invasioni di alieni estremamente bizzarri e rumorosi, armi di foggia classica e situazioni estreme in cui l'alter-ego del giocatore veniva posto di fronte a decine di nemici mossi da un solo scopo: uccidere l'unica minaccia umana che si oppone al loro attacco. Are you Serious? Bando all'inflazionatissimo Unreal Engine, dunque, e spazio al Serious Engine 3.

I modelli poligonali del protagonista, dei suoi comprimari e soprattutto degli alieni che si incontrano lungo il cammino sono ben fatti e discretamente animati.

I mostri sono diversi e vari e costringono ad adottare armi e tattiche diverse. Quello che ci ha stupito molto sono gli effetti particellari e la quasi perfetta gestione di luci ed ombre: queste ultime calcolate in tempo reale.

Questi non godono dell'infinita resurrezione in gergo respawn imposta da Call of Duty e sono sempre in numero soverchiante. A colpi di bella grafica e antico gameplay, insomma, Croteam fa il verso ai migliori giochi indie fino ad ora usciti, che mettono al bando le ultime meraviglie tecnologiche e sofisticate scelte di gioco a favore di un gusto retro che risulta oltremodo divertente.

Meraviglioso pur con tutti i suoi difetti! E' questo che posso dire di Serious Sam 3: BFE, nonostante sia anni luce lontano da qualsiasi metro di paragone. Proseguendo la navigazione accedendo ad altre aree del sito o interagendo con elementi del sito, acconsenti all'uso dei cookies e delle altre tecnologie usate dal sito, descritte nella nostra Cookie Policy.

PC recensione. Antonio "Aurenar" Patti Meraviglioso pur con tutti i suoi difetti! Le musiche sono passabili, gli effetti sonori abbastanza ripetitivi.

Al bando auto-healing, aiuti alla mira da disabilitare in fase di configurazionecoperture e altri aiutini. E' il giocatore a fare la differenza: qui si fa sul Serio! Serious Sam 3: BFE. Resoconto PlayStation Meeting PlayStation 4 Slim: dettagli, prezzo, data di uscita.Serious Sam 3: BFE is a first-person shooter video game developed by Croatia -based indie development studio Croteam and published by Devolver Digital.

It is part of the Serious Sam series and the prequel to the video game, Serious Sam. The game features a player online, as well as 4-player splitscreen co-op campaign mode.

The game was first released for Microsoft Windows on 22 November Like previous titles in the series, Serious Sam 3: BFE involves fighting against many hordes of enemies in wide-open environments.

However Serious Sam 3 has more closed environments than its predecessors, particularly in the early levels. There are also a larger number of enemies that can attack the player from a distance. The player can carry an unlimited number of weapons, including a minigunrocket launcher, assault rifle and a cannon.

There are 13 weapons in total, five of which have a manual reload. The signature close-combat weapons from the first game, the knife and chainsaw, have been replaced with a sledgehammer with three modes of attack vertical strike, turn and full turn.

There is no regenerating health, instead there are health and armor power-ups scattered throughout the levels that the player must pick up.

Additionally, the levels are full of secret areas, where health, armor, ammo and in some cases, weapons from later levels can be found, following the tradition of the previous games.

Some weapons such as the Lasergun and the Sniper Rifle and their respective ammunition pickups are in fact secret-only, and otherwise are not found in the levels normally. There are no puzzles, however the player must find keys, pull levers and find environmental anomalies to progress. New ones include the Khnum and Scrapjack resembling the Hell Knight and Mancubus from Doomrespectivelyas well as the cloned soldiers reminiscent of the Strogg from the Quake series.

The Gnaar's design has radically been changed from the original game.

confermata la data duscita di serious sam 3 bfe

It is now much larger, differently shaped and walks on all fours, unlike its bipedal counterpart in Serious Sam. Serious Sam 3 features some new gameplay mechanics such as sprinting and iron sights. Unlike most other FPS games that have sprinting, you are able to sprint as much as you want, but cannot attack while sprinting.

The pistol and assault rifle have the ability to aim down sights, which increases accuracy but only slightly.

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The player moves slower while aiming down the sight, making it impractical at close range. The player can perform hand kills or kick enemies to conserve ammo, depending on the weapon selected.

For example, a Gnaar's eyeball can be ripped out or an Antaresian Spider's shell can be broken. Prior to ADhumanity had slowly begun uncovering artifacts and ruins left behind in ancient times by the Sirians, the famous and long-thought extinct race from the place of Sirius.


Unfortunately, Mental has chosen this time to turn his attention upon Earth. He dispatches his space fleet carrying his endless hordes to attack Earth, leading a three-year conquest that has humanity driven almost to the point of extinction. In a last-ditch effort, the survivors turn to the Time-Lock, a recently excavated device supposedly capable of granting a single person the ability of time travel via an inter-dimensional portal.

Through it, that person could reach a pivotal point in time and alter events of the past. But as the device lies dormant, they must first discover a means to turn it on. Sam "Serious" Stone, part of the Earth Defense force, is dispatched with a detachment of soldiers in Alpha team to modern Egyptwhich is occupied by Mental's alien army. Their original mission is to recon, rendezvous and extract Bravo team who are protecting Dr Stein, a scientist carrying hieroglyphics believed to contain instructions for powering up the Time-Lock.

Sam's insertion goes haywire as his chopper is shot down and both teams are quickly wiped out. However, he is able to recover the hieroglyphics from Stein's phone in the museum and transmit them to headquarters.Accedi per aggiungere questo articolo alla tua lista dei desideri o per contrassegnarlo come articolo che non ti interessa.

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Sfoglia Sfoglia. Valutazioni recenti:.

confermata la data duscita di serious sam 3 bfe

Tutte le valutazioni:. Devolver Digital. Etichette popolari definite dagli utenti per questo prodotto:. Accedi oppure Apri su Steam. Include 62 achievement di Steam. Editore: Devolver Digital. Franchise: Serious SamCroteam. Condividi Incorpora.Why so Serious? Sono Stone. Sam Stone. Sam "Serious" Stone! Anzitutto, e qui parliamo a nome dei poveri coniglietti spauriti, vedete di scordarvi quanto prima l'auto-guarigione con il passare del tempo. Andiamo avanti: se pensate che gli ostili arrivino uno ad uno, chiedendovi che tempo fa e come mai vi siete tatuati il nome " Palomo " sul braccio, avete sbagliato di grosso.

Quei pennelloni senza cervello arrivano quasi sempre in massa, incazzati come le iene terrestri e sbrodolando liquami da ogni poro, quindi state in guardia e sparate, porco il demoniosparate con qualsiasi proiettile abbiate nella cartuccera!

La mia materia preferita. Vale quel che costa? O che ce le ha, ma ha quella faccia di culo che vorresti farla brillare col C4. FPS vecchia generazione, sa stupire e conquistare, sia con le meccaniche diverse dalle attuali che con lo stile innato che possiede. Un buon lavoro, anche se lontano dalla perfezione, ma degno di esser provato davvero da tutti. Proseguendo la navigazione accedendo ad altre aree del sito o interagendo con elementi del sito, acconsenti all'uso dei cookies e delle altre tecnologie usate dal sito, descritte nella nostra Cookie Policy.

PlayStation 3 Xbox recensione. Serious Sam 3: BFE. PlayStation 4 Slim: dettagli, prezzo, data di uscita. Resoconto PlayStation Meeting

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